Santiam Tray/Tunnel Dehydrator
Santiam Tray Dryer Santiam Tray Dryer Santiam Tray Dryer  

Santiam Tray/Tunnel Dryer Overview

The Santiam was designed for the global market, and can utilize optional block or full steel walls. The Santiam has the versatility of conducting batch, batch-to-dry, counter flow, and parallel flow dehydration protocols. The Santiam is capable of drying a wide range of products, including meat and fish, fruit, fruit leathers, vegetables, nuts, herbs, and seeds to name a few. This high quality, high output dryer system would be an excellent investment choice wherever you need it.


  • Can be shipped in a 40 ft. (12.19 m) shipping container.
  • Choice of Stainless or Carbon steel construction.
  • LED Display of real time temperature with set-point control.
  • Fully insulated for uniform and consistent drying while helping reduce operating cost.
  • 20 HP fan motor for high air velocity.
  • Mobile tray racks for more capacity.
  • Commercial quality construction for long useful life.
  • Approximately 7,870 sq ft (731 sq m) of drying surface area for standard model, stainless steel trays* on stainless mobile tray carts. *plastic option available, less sq ft inside dryer.


  • Thermostatic Temperature Control (from ambient to 220°F/104°C).
  • Powerful fixed speed fan (variable speed available).
  • Adjustable fresh air inlet (humidity control).
  • Direct fired gas burner (natural Gas or propane.
  • Steel Tube Construction.

Dryer Dimensions

  • Height: 17-feet (5.18 m) when Installed
  • Width: 40-feet (12.19 m)
  • Length: 8-feet (2.44 m)

Santiam Operation Costs

Dryer Fan Motor HP Heat Type, Max load Average Electrical Load (Fan) Average Heat Load Average Hourly Cost Fan/Heat
Santiam 20 HP Gas Burner, 2.5 million BTU's 19.79 kw/hr 1 million BTU's 10 Therms x $1.45 = $14.50
10.26 kw/hr x $0.12 = $1.23
Total Average Cost = $15.73

Note: All heating loads were computed based on a 40% consumption rate. This is an average figure, and may not accurately represent all applications. Energy costs will vary per Therm and Kilowatt. Check rates for your area.
  • Telfon Liners
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Choice of Data logger or Chart Recorder
  • Tray Cart
  • Extra set of trays (solid or perforated)