Tunnel Dryers
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Commercial Dehydrator Systems Tunnel Dryers are designed to provide commercial production of many high quality products. Tunnel Dryers are ideal for drying a wide range of products. For commercial dehydration applications, Commercial Dehydrator Systems Tunnel Dryers are unequaled in performance and dependablility.

Designed and built by the professionals at Commercial Dehydrator Systems , Tunnel Dryers are fabricated with a tubular steel frame. The internal walls consist of a heavy gauge sheet metal, and the exterior walls are a high ribbed (enamalized) roofing and siding material. The enamalized material provided excellent protection from the weather. The exterior shell is insulated for energy savings. A powerful fan and direct fired gas burner enables the Tunnel Dryer to achieve very high production levels, with excellent product uniformity.

High production, quality construction and low energy consumption gives operators of the Commercial Dehydrator Systems Tunnel Dryer a clear and measurable advantage over their competitors.